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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 08:39:58 MDT

From: Corbally <>

>>I want a skin packed with lucifrase based chromatophores, so I
>>could walk around day and night pulsing and rippling in colored
>>lights. Like some deep ocean nautilus. Threat displays, sexual
>>displays, the whole bit.

>So we would just follow you to the exit in the event of a plane

Funny you should mention it, I've been seated next to the emergency
exit on every plane I ever flew on. I actually sit there and
practice the motions required to remove the door.... I'm ready! :)

>Perhaps this would have uses for the military? Adaptive
>camouflage built in to each soldier. Of course, they'd have to
>overcome the fact that it'd be bare skin too....

Yes the ability to "chameleon" would be very interesting....

I was watching an episode of I believe "Real Sex" a few weeks ago
and there was an artist who painted nudes,(as in using nude women
as canvasses!) it was absolutely fascinating and incredibly

I think I found my calling.


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