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Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 05:24:14 MDT

someone wrote:
I'm sure he's a smart and quite rich businessman, and it's a good PR move to include him, but should you then find a more general or opposite word than `thinkers' in the title?

Natasha wrote:
Naah. I think Arnold is an excellent world class thinker. Check out his movie "Pumping Iron" -:) Seriously, though, yes I think that he has influenced many people about the importance of overcoming odds which is not just an intellectual endeavor - it takes a lot of thinking and a lot of finesse. (Looking forward to reading the book!) Me too.

I saw "Pumping Iron" and felt the intelligence of Arnold came out despite his strong accent. Poor Lou Ferrigno really suffered in trying to match wits with Arnie!!

While working on his bodybuilding and acting career, Arnold went to college and got a business degree. Old classmates and professors who were interviewed years later said he was very sharp and did well.

Though bright and educated, perhaps Arnold is not a great thinker in terms of being an academic scholar, but he is a great DOER.

He is at an age now where though strong he is losing his vitality to the aging process. I am sure his heart surgery had an effect on him also in sensing his mortality. Perhaps he will be more open to the possibilities of cryonics and transhumanism leading him to a bright future of personal renewal.

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