Re: top o' the mornin to ya mr elk...

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 16:37:58 MDT

> Corbally wrote: What accent is that meant to be? Curious....

Which? Top 'o the mornin' was a weak attempt at Irish,
but I dont have any associates who are from there. Isnt
the top 'o the mornin greeting an Irishism?

The other about beeg hairy beasts in roadvay was a riff by
one of my Jewish friends from New York. He would
do this Yiddish routine that would make ya wet your
pants, going on about vacationing in the Pocanos, etc.

The article on the Irish Elk was in Gould's Ever Since
Darwin, page 79 in the paperback edition. The figure
he shows there has an Irish Elk with an antler span of
over 12 feet, obviously not useful for fighting but certainly
an impressive example of sexual ornamentation. spike

> >4) I esk you, vhats so different, elk and moose, eh?
> >All beeg hairy beasts, get in roadvay vhen ve drife to
> >resort in Pocanos, no?

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