Re: Why not move to the US? Re: More Green Party

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 08:59:15 MDT

Amara Graps wrote:
> Brian Atkins <> wrote:
> >All snipped
> >This could go on forever since these are mostly subjective points.
> >Some people like living in villages in Europe, some people like living
> >in crowded cities. So be it.
> I'm wondering why you started this thread. Your conversational style
> and conversational strategy isn't very constructive for any of the
> answers.

I thought it would be possible to nail down certain reasons in common
that was keeping more people from coming to the US. And I wanted to
see if that reason might be that the people had gotten addicted to their
government even if it might be more rational to move to somewhere that
could result in the development of more personal power. That didn't happen.

Each person had their own reasons... even in your post you simply listed
the few things in Germany that you really like. But you really didn't
answer the question of why not move to the US, unless you are saying
those things are the deciding difference for you.

Looking back at the archive, I see my thread had this result:

one person asked for resumes.
one person flamed me for ignoring the INS issue, and then didn't really
 go into why they wouldn't consider moving.
one person said they probably could get more money and a cable modem in
 the US.. went off topic... and then seemed to say that risk of getting
 shot was why they wanted to stay in Australia.
one person (who apparently already is in the US, so I am not sure why
 they came onto the thread) seemingly infected with some strong anti-
 US memes used terms such as car-dependent-society (I tried to refute
 that) and suburban-deserts to describe the US and to try to make an
 argument apparently for living in Europe even though that person later
 admitted to never having even visited there.

I think I definitely got a little frustrated in my replies, but I think
I had reason.

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