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From: scerir (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 07:50:27 MDT

Michael La Torra wrote about the Omega Point and about Mr. Formenti italian page
It seems that Mr. Formenti is mixed up. The Omega Point reference is to
Frank Tipler's Omega Point Theory as explained in his book "The Physics of
Immortality." Tipler is a Transhumanist and a professor of mathematical
physics at Tulane University. There is a little info about him on his web
page (linked through the Transhumanist page) but I would recommend reading
Anders Sandberg's thoughtful analysis of the Omega Point Theory and related
ideas on his web site:

Yes. Thanks. But Mr. Formenti says that, for extropians, the *software* is a deity.
I am not sure that extropians consider the software so.
And I am not sure that God is splitted (at least in software and hardware!).

A. Einstein on religious thought:

"an attempt to find an out where there is no door."

(Einstein: The Life and Times, Ronald W. Clark, Page 516.)

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