Re: omega-point-deity (was: from Italy about exi)

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Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 02:16:36 MDT

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>Subject: Re: omega-point-deity (was: from Italy about exi)
>Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 19:02:09 -0700
>Michael LaTorra writes,
> >The writer, Mr. Formenti, says that extropianism is a
> >cyber-anarchic-religious movement. Religious ? Thatıs because extropians
> >at some deity (or some Buddhity). What is this omega-point-deity ?
>Perhaps he means the SI (super intelligence) which emerges from AI.
>See, for example,
>When the graph goes to "10 billion times human intelligence" that might
>imply an
>omega point deity.
>--J. R.

Really, I am starting to have my doubts about if Tipler is such a good help
to transhumanism at ALL! I tend this a lot, someone looks around the
Internet for information about extropianism/ transhumanism finds Tipler and
bloody WHAM we're religious kooks, with no basis in reality. I am not making
any argument about the feasiblity of his theories I just notice that they
hurt us a lot. The basic connotation of Omega point theory= it's nutty

What to do?

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