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From: Nigel Hammersted (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 17:31:16 MDT

--- zeb haradon <> wrote:
> Saw this on about the recent election in
> Mexico:
> "Vicente Fox of the conservative National Action
> Party (PAN) swept past
> PRI's candidate for president, Francisco Labastida,
> while a PAN-Green Party
> alliance took control of Congress in an election
> that raised Mexico's
> democratic stock. "
> Anyone know what this is about? Does this green
> party have the same type of
> platform as the GPUSA, and what are the terms of the
> alliance - and how is
> it possible for them to be alligned with "the
> conservative NAP"? There is no
> elaboration about the green party issue on the page
> cited.

the pvem platform may be viewed at the following url

the party stands for environmental protection through
the use of government regulation, minimum wages,
employment for all, social security for all,
decentralization of government, protection of
indigenous peoples, universal sufferance, universal

there are concerns that president fox will find it
difficult to work with congress. the alliance was more
of a practical than an ideological nature.

The mexican stock market advanced significantly upon
news of the election results. see

nigel hammersted

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