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> GREG BURCH SAID: "...organizing a well-funded, well-staffed and
> well-equipped clinic and research facility where "wide-open" life extension
> and other transhumanist technology can be carried forward. I've done quite
> a bit of thinking about what would be required, from a legal and business
> perspective, to accomplish this. If you're interested, I'd be happy to
> discuss it with you...."
> CYMM SAYS: I'm interested... theoretically at first. Maybe I'm paranoid;
> I see modern technology as having great potential to liberate those who
> understand and would have access to it.
> "Liberating" in the sense that technological developments - especially in
> & robotics - could produce individuals who are truly economically
> independent.
> Sovereign individuals.
> I am not so sure that this idea is appealing either to sovereign
> nation-states; or practically sovereign corporations.
> Frankly, I see thinly disguised attempts to control any "liberating"
> technology already in the making... the "war on supplements" is a good
> beginning. It's funny how jurisprudence fabricates the "rational man"
> the assumption behind laws against drugs etc. insist that the average
> has the rationality of a potato.
> Greg, I'd entertain any discussion that does not run too much a risk of
> making me a marked man...

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