Re: Clinton, the immortalist.

Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 12:33:18 MDT

I heard Clinton's comments live, via radio, and the quote below jibes with my
memory. I also recall thinking, "Wow, that's surprising! (pause) Actually,
he should have said not that we want to live forever but rather, 'Nobody
wants to die against his or her will. ' (pause) Damn, do I really have to put
up with several hundred years of Clinton?!"

>Did someone already post this proported statement by Clinton? I got this off
>a post on Cryonet by Ronald S.
>It seems almost too good to be true...
>"In President Clinton s press Conference last Thursday he said:
>"..we've treated the human genome project like a priority every year because
>we all want to live for ever. And that's good, I'm not minimizing that - we
>do . ""

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