Black Helicopters WAS: RE: More Green Party

From: Stirling Westrup (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 08:03:48 MDT

altamira wrote:

> The second time I felt really threatened was when the guys in the black
> helicopter paid me a visit along with a bunch of their buddies on the
> ground. This was a Ruby Ridge scenario. They claimed that from the air a
> couple of Vitex trees I had growing in my garden looked like marijuana.

Has anyone else had this sort of black helicopter encounter? It happened
to a couple who were friends of my wife years ago. They had a huge
sprawling farm in the backwoods of Quebec, and they had a small patch of
marijuana too. One day 5 or 6 Black helicopters landed, complete with
guys in flack vests and carrying machine guns. After securing the area,
they took a good look around, and discovered that the only marijuana was
in a small 4' by 3' patch out in the open. They all stood around the
patch for a bit, shaking their heads, then they all got back in their
helicopters and left, leaving the marijuana where it was.

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