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>>Good point....what are some competetive canidates?
>See <http://www.prb.org/pubs/bulletin/bu51-1/intro.htm>:

|"Seven of the world's wealthiest countries
| (Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Japan, and Canada)
| have about one-third of the world's migrant population, but less
than one-eighth of the total world population."

It also depends how you measure immigration. The article above also
points out:
"The effect of migration on population growth in receiving countries
depends upon the size of the stock and flow compared with the size of
the native population. The United States received more than four
times the number of immigrants as did Canada in the mid-1990s yet the
rate of net migration (net number of migrants per 1,000 population)
is higher in Canada because its population is only one-tenth the size
of the U.S. population."

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