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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 01:55:49 MDT

>Good point....what are some competetive canidates?

See <>:

"Seven of the world's wealthiest countries (Germany, France, United
Kingdom, United States, Italy, Japan, and Canada) have about
one-third of the world's migrant population, but less than one-eighth
of the total world population. These countries are also the
destination of most migrants to the industrial world. Because of low
birth rates, newly arriving immigrants account for a large proportion
of population growth in these countries: all the growth in Germany,
for example, and about one-third of the annual growth in the United


"Some analysts argue that the migration challenge is nothing new, and
that it is manageable. They point out that migrants are only 2
percent of the world's population, despite overwhelming demographic,
economic, and political differences that could produce many more
migrants. The number of borders to cross has increased as new
countries are created. The economic links between countries are
stronger because of increased trade. Advances in communications and
transportation have made it easier for potential employers and
employees in different countries to find one another and less
expensive to move. Yet most people stay in their country of birth.
Mexico and the Philippines are two of the world's major
migrant-sending countries, for example, but over 90 percent of the
people born in those two countries still live there."

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