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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 01:04:51 MDT

The point I'm trying to make is obvious, I think. The utility of concealed
weapons is all in psychological benefits for the carrier, not in actually
being able to defend yourself; in most possible confrontations you're
probably safer keeping your gun in your pocket. That said, in Greg's
situation where you've (maybe) got nasty people who intend to kill you
rather than rob you, a gun's probably a good thing, although a good pair of
Nikes might be an even better (or at least complementary) investment.

I've got to admit to some hypocrisy again in this discussion; most places I
go I wear steel capped boots which complement some years of Tae Kwon Do;
amounts to a concealed weapon in reality, especially where there are few
guns. But hey, it's a style thing, really. Just like the fact that I shave
my head has nothing to do with encroaching pattern baldness.


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> > Here's one for the testosterone fueled... Of you guys that actually
> > guns, how many of you have ever had to use them in any kind of
> > situation? I realise the dead guys can't put their hands up, so we'll
> > to live with a skewed result.
> Never, not even close, although once when I was handling a case that
> some rather unsavory characters implicated in some fairly nasty business,
> thought it a real possibility. But bear in mind Spike's comment about my
> size compared to the average wookie. Perhaps people just choose not to
> with me for other reasons ... too scary-looking ...
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