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From: Waldemar Ingdahl (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 22:56:06 MDT

Why don't I move to the US?

Well, I've asked myself that many times now, and while visiting the
Libertarian Party in the US last August one of them said to me: "Waldemar,
you'll go nuts if you stay in Sweden. I predict you'll be living in America
within five years". Perhaps she was right, but I also see that the
difference between Sweden and the US is unfortunately just a matter of
degree, not in fundamentals. I see the same problems in the US. I see that
Americans don't have the right to their property either, and are dependent
in a great deal on their government. That others in American do see me as a
slave that should work for their benefit. Americans will certainly not want
to change a system that while impoverishing them still feels necessary,
otherwise others will take away what is "theirs", the same type of gloom as
in Sweden. That stasism is unfortunately alive and well too. That American
society is also based on coercion, that a political machine is well
entrenched in the US too, and the same kind of legalised warfare between
pressure groups is present. People are also hard pressed by taxes, and kept
inactive by a corporativist system. It is very difficult for America too, to
change course since government is in the best interest of very powerful
pressure groups that seek to increase their influence on others' expenses,
and the problem increases. The American government tends to grow, and its
inefficiencies are not dependant on "paperwork" but the structural
fallancies of centralized government, problems that show themselves in in
the activities of the government, giving people no choice or good service,
and of course the corruption and centralization of power that follows in its

But really, these problems are common in all countries, because the ruling
elite has basically followed the same ideas. In order to open up Sweden I
have to open up the world. In America I would get some opportunities more,
but the struggle would be the same. In Sweden smaller steps will generate
more, relatively speaking.

Act globally, think locally!

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