Re: Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?

From: Timothy Bates (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 21:06:18 MDT

On 7/3/00 6:08 AM, "Zero Powers" <> wrote:
>> If the perfect human is tall ("because he gets the girls"), you will
>> rapidly
>> have half-mile high humans.
> Perhaps if "taller" always and unequivocally equalled "better."
It is not "better" but good on some non-substitutable quality.

To take the tree example, trees have all sorts of problems cause dby being
tall, indeed, they are so tall that they push the physically defined limits
of hydrostatic pressures involved in pumping water to these great heights.
But ... Despite not being "unequivovally better" we have all these tall
tress. Why? Because if you are the shortest tree in the forest, you are
fucked. Forget that you are much more efficient, and can produce more seeds
by not haing to produce wood for humans and beavers to confiscate, you are
simply suffocated by your tall cousins and die.

>> Life is trade offs. We cannot, logically, all be tall. Therefore, we cannot
>> be "perfect".

> Perhaps relatively speaking we can't all be tall, but we could all avoid
> being short which, I believe, is the point.

Like retarded people avoid being retarded by being differently able?

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