Re: Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?

From: Michael LaTorra (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 16:56:38 MDT

Sarah Lawrence appears to have written:

When we are all acting upon our own best eugenic theories -- whether that
means just choosing a father for one's children based on the man's height,
physical attractiveness, and success in the workplace, say, or OTOH making
use of whatever research is available to produce (what you hope will be) a
genetically improved child -- there is much less likely to be a systematic
error introduced. When different individuals' theories are allowed to
compete, as it were, our knowledge of how to improve things is much more
likely to improve. If you let individuals decide whether to make use of the
available information or not, any actual improvements there are will speak
for themselves and presumably, if that is indeed a good thing, people will
choose it for themselves without having to be forced into it.

Yes, IMO this is the most rational and beneficial way to approach the issue.
Coercion by governments or even non-governmental pressure groups is the only
objectionable aspect of eugenics. I suspect that, in terms of the infernally
delicate issue of race, we will see people of different races employing
eugenics to make functional improvements in their offspring while retaining
the superficial attributes of their own race. My reason for believing this
is the relatively low (although increasing) rate of interracial marriage
today, and the objections raised by many black groups to the adoption of
orphaned black children by white parents. I see nothing wrong with these
atavistic attitudes so long as they are the free choices of individuals and
not some sort of government mandated racism.


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