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From: Jeff Davis (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 15:16:32 MDT

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <>

>> Together with an American biotechnology firm, the team
>> hopes to begin clinical trials in Canadian cancer patients
>> in about 18 months.
>Ludicrous. Why isn't someone auctioning off vials of vesicular
>stomatitis virus on eBay? (Or, actually; Yahoo is
>less picky.)

Normally, I would want to post something with more meat than just "Right
on! Bingo! Ditto on that!" But in this case I too am astonished.
Eighteen months?!!!

If it was me, I'd definitely choose a substantial infusion of V. stomatitus
and the consequent "mild flulike symptoms" to surgery, chemotherapy,
radiation, and possible death.

I definitely want to know where to get a sample, and how this virus is

Perhaps the woman mentioned in this article;

Putting medical research on-line to give
                 patients the information they need
                 A woman who carried out her own research through
                 scores of medical journals to find out what was
                 causing her infertility and repeated miscarriages will
                 next week tell some of the world's leading scientists,
                 publishers and librarians why medical research
                 information should be made freely available on the

which can be found at

should be contacted and invited to offer her thoughts on this matter.

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