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Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 14:18:51 MDT

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> Most
> > females are more drawn to tall ("dark and handsome" too) males
> > than they are
> > to shorter males. To them it probably just looks better.
>I was in the city today and took a look at _The Mating Mind_, which has
>a subject of recent discussion on this list. I didn't like it enough to
>want to own it, so I just read parts of it while I was in the bookstore. I
>think G. Miller would say that women are attracted to tall men because
>tallness is a sign of fitness.
>Several days ago someone (was it you, Spike?) said they'd really liked the
>book and wanted to discuss it. The reviews that were posted here were
>, scholarly-like. You know what I mean? Is this a man-thing or
>what? Miller says that women are more likely to understand the word
>but men are more likely to use it, even if they think it means

I haven't read _The Mating Mind_ (perhaps one day), but another book that I
found highly informative and highly entertaining was Steven Pinker's _How
The Mind Works_. He also had some very interesting things to say about how
our evolution has effected the sexual behavior of our species. One thing he
said that has stuck with me is that while men tend to view a nude female as
an invitation, females tend to view a nude male as a threat. That made it
much clearer to me than ever before why some women can get so offended by
sexual jokes (particularly in the workplace), it has also led me to keep my
innocent flirtations to the barest minimum (except of course when it comes
to my wife ;)


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