From: CYMM (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 16:21:58 MDT

Hi List,

I'm doing a freeware project...

Some friends and I produced an informal corase-grained functional
decomostion of the thalamo cortical axis of the mammalian brain-mind...

I'm using that as a guide to creating cognitive linguistic software

The actual coding is in its early stages... and unfortunately the bits 'n
pieces are currently done in Turbo C for DOS...

Once I have some code up can anyone help porting it to linux??

My goal is to come within an order or so of magnitude of human linguistic
intelligence by 2005... after that... the sky's the limit.

Useful freeware products can be spun off all along the line. Stuff like
"intelligent" websites; teaching robots; and million to one lossy realtime
compression/deompression on video.

The initial parts are very, very trivial... but that's the way it goes in
this business. Since component systems posess great independence... you can
take stuff and diverge on your own path as things get interesting.

We can communicate offlist... because this might bore people.


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