Re:My anything box story... (was Bonnie's fascinating life...)

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 16:26:58 MDT

On Sat, 01 Jul 2000 14:29:50
Spike Jones wrote:
John M Grigg wrote:
>> If I had only three nanoreplicator anything-boxes to give out, you, Damien Broderick, and Brent Allsop would each get one.
>Why would you have only three? You could use one to make arbitrarily
>many. spike

In my scenario you cannot make copies of the device with the device. lol! Or perhaps my technical knowledge is lacking but one of you would figure it out! The aliens who gave them to me as a gift did not include the instruction manual. :) Happened to the poor guy on tv who got the superhero suit.

I just put the comment in because I could see any of these three individuals really "going to town" in helping others with their near-anything boxes. They could "Jesus style" go about uplifting the folks around them.

Damien could really enhance the Australian welfare system! And very cheaply go into publishing for himself! Bonnie could REALLY add on to her house and develop quite an archology for the local community. Brent could be the "rescue team" which he yearns to have intercede on our behalf for the starving, destitute and dying around the world.

Of course, various governments would capture them(and me) and than lock up the replicators in top secret labs, all in the name of national security. You can't have technology that powerful in the hands of the average citizen!

best wishes,


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