tech funding for extropian goals? (a question...)

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 14:52:16 MDT

Greg Burch wrote:
Within the next five to 10 years, though, we'll have to start really putting our money where our mouth is, looking for the creation and funding of real technology development with a clear transhumanist goal.

I wonder if this will really be necessary? Funding for nanotech has really taken off. As computing power increases, I see AI research getting back on track. Germline engineering will be developed, if not by the west, than the east.

It seems to me the real effort transhumanists will need to put money into is that of public relations and the influencing of public and government opinion. If a backlash develops, orchestrated by certain groups, than gov't and private research may not be allowed to develop some of these key technologies we wish to see transform the world.

Max and Natasha have already mastered the "on the cheap" approach with cable access programming and by making appearances on various tv specials and talk shows. They have reached millions doing this with probably not too much cost to themselves.

I just wonder if down the road this may not be enough. Perhaps major tv, magazine and radio advertising campaigns will be needed to keep the public mind positive and counter opposition. Of course, this could cost in the MILLIONS every month or year which it is done. Religious, corporate and governmental organizations already do this with sometimes very effective results.

Perhaps, just perhaps, in a decade or so we will have such resources to draw upon due to a number of wealthy extropian patrons. If not, what else could be done to step up the efforts already being done to influence the public and government? That is my question for all of you...

The alternative is to likely see some key technologies be curbed in their potential uses for humanity, especially as a liberating and uplifting force.



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