Re: Why not move to the US? Re: More Green Party

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Sat Jul 01 2000 - 12:14:21 MDT wrote:
> (Brian Atkins) wrote:
> > I am playing devil's advocate here... why aren't all you non-US folk
> > moving here? Laying aside for the moment the INS/immigration issues-
> > if you could move here, why not? Most people seem to believe that we
> > have pretty much the best freedom/interesting people/cheap real estate
> > in the boonies/cheap gas/etc. etc. Have you become too dependent on your
> > free medical care that you are afraid you wouldn't be able to hack it here?
> Most interesting people? I haven't heard that before.

Would you prefer most-innovative? All those Euros complaining about the
Americanization of their countries must be going on about something...

> Possible reasons for not moving: being afraid of crime rates. Preferring to
> live in dense pedestrian-oriented cities, not boonie real estate or suburban

You could live in NYC if you prefer. It is quite safe if you live in a
nice area.

> deserts. Not wishing to partake in a culture dependent upon cars (and cheap
> gas and subsidized roads, to trade cheap shots.) Dependency on a culture with

Nonsense, you can live pretty much anywhere and still get around by bicycle
if you really want to limit yourself to that. Or you could live in Europe
and only go where the trains/buses go (or travel around in a dinky little
unsafe car because the gas is taxed so much you can't afford anything safer/
heavier). Let's face it: good cars = maximum mobility/freedom.

Dependency... what would you have us all just walk around? At some point
we have to wed ourselves to technology and its attendant risks.

> a much higher baseline concern for the quality of food. A feeling that

More FUD

> Europeans are better educated and more interesting, or that it's easier to
> find those who are, in coffeehouses and such.

If you are willing to sacrifice so many things to have this "feeling" and
the ability to visit a coffeehouse in the flesh (vs. virtual chats) then
I think you should re-evaluate your logic.

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