Re: ANNOUNCE: The singularity engine

From: phil osborn (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 23:51:04 MDT

>From: Alejandro Dubrovsky <>
>Subject: ANNOUNCE: The singularity engine
>Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 02:16:52 +1000
>No, not what you are thinking, sorry (it was too good not to post
>From sourceforge:
>The Singularity Engine is a specialized open-source game engine and
>toolkit designed to allow users to create platform independant games
>that can be run by any system that the engine supports. The games
>themselves are distributed as single files, one version of the game will
>run under any one of the engines as the actual game code is
>platform-neutral. The basic engine is actually planned to be based upon
>the GPLed Verge 2 game engine and the GPLed QuakeForge engine, combined
>with LGPLed libraries for PNG, JPEG, MPEG video, MJPEG, Module, MIDI,
>Waveform, and Mpeg audio. The actual GUI game editor is written using
>the Gecko toolkit (MPLed) so that it will be cross platform and
>extendable. We are asking that anyone interested in contributing to the
>Singularity engine please contact us and join the team.
>(Cool url too:
>i promise that next time it's the real thing :)
>Alejandro Dubrovsky

I'm almost sorry to see this development, as it may conflict with or compete
for market share with the similar Amiga object. See Ironically,
the first article they quote on new news is from a major gaming company that
is planning on using the Amiga object system exactly as you have discussed
above. The Amiga object system is more general purpose - at least at
present, and they have major support from the really big players - Sun, Red
Hat, Sony, and a host of others.

Let me know, will you, how the two approaches compare...

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