Re: Sex vs. sleep

J. R. Molloy (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 22:07:10 -0700

David Lubkin wrote,
>Have there ever been any good, LONG-term studies on sleep
>reduction techniques?

Meditators have been the subjects of study for thousands of years. Extropic meditation creates hyper-cognitive tranquility, while the body rests. The technique requires nothing more than a knack for making yourself very alert while letting all thoughts fade away. What you find by doing this, which involves turning your back on the mythology generated by our social order, is so profound that you must share it (presumptuous or not) because it indicts the word-manipulated mass of humanity and demands civil disobedience, which means living in harmony with our inner, heroic nature and not according to the intimidation and demands of ideology.

Rediscovering your natural, organic sovereignty by stripping away the false programming of organized policy, abandoning belief systems, embarking on a path of honest observation, sincere investigation, and choiceless awareness, means meditation. Obviously you have to do this by yourself, no one can do it for you. The idea that anyone can give you this experience is as absurd as imagining that someone else can take a bath for you. As Kabir (and a bunch of others) has said, "All that is essential is direct experience." Meditation takes you from sex to superconsciousness, from sleep to total awareness. Share the way.


--J. R.