Re Clinton, US citizen responsibility vs Milosevic and Serbs

Brian D Williams (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:07:08 -0700 (PDT)

From: Michael Wiik <>

>>Brian D Williams wrote:

>> In a dictatorship they do not share responsibility, in a
>> representational republic, we do. When China demanded those
>> responsible for the bombing of their embassy be punished, I was
>> hoping that someone would point out that as commander-in-chief
>> their lapdog clinton was ultimately responsible.

>I don't think the type of government one lives under should
>matter, but rather, the way that government treats other peoples
>and countries. If anything, if you live under a brutal
>dictatorship, you may have even more obligation to oppose it.

If you elect your officials and they run around brutalizing the residents of other countries when you go visiting outside your home country you're in big trouble. There are people who attack US citizens whenever/wherever they find them, often for the strangest reasons, but sometimes for good reasons. In other words you (US citizen) will be held accountable for the governments actions.

>I don't think the US government is all that terrible, but it seems
>to have a tendency to murder a bunch of its citizens every few

I don't mind the government much with the exception of the current resident of the white house, it would be better if it were much smaller and quit sticking it's nose in things that don't concern it.

I supported action in Kosovo, but it should not have been NATO except as a last resort. It should have gone before the U.N. and then military action if necessary.

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