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Michael S. Lorrey (
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Hey, this is a good subject. I read a short story in one of the SF pulp magazines in December of 1989 or January of 1990 that was a cyberpunk detective story. It started out with an alcoholic detective in the down and out getting hired by the wired aristocracy to solve her father's murder. The key technology of the story is a bracelet you wear if you are part of the aristocracy that acts as a base for nanotech to maintain your body, as well as providing an mind uplink into the net. The price for such a bracelet was $2 million. The girl's father was the person who invented the braclet. Who is the author and what is the title of the story?

Brian Atkins wrote:

> A long time ago I read a sci-fi book, don't remember the title
> or author, but it was set I think in a future where there were
> mostly corporations, and there was one really big one called
> I think "Fireball Industries" or somesuch. And if I remember
> right the company founder had uploaded himself. I keep thinking
> Sterling wrote it, but apparently not. Anyone clue me in?
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