RE: Controlling the male sex drive

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:49:30 +1000

> Also, did you notice that the prevalent appearance norm for women
> calls them to try to imitate the look of _pre-pubescent_ girls by
> shaving off their body hair? Doesn't it exploit the same part of
> the male sexual interest that the same society has criminalized?
There are theories that the fashion model look is an imitation of pre-pubescent boys rather than girls, but I guess that doesn't alter your argument.

I've always prefered older women myself, but that doesn't appear common (in my experience).

> Sex with mundanes - as well anything else with mundanes -
> could be considered statutory rape in TH ethical system
> (an interesting question is, why entities without sufficient
> cognitive abilities are considered as full ethical subjects,
> and why there are two lines; with humans, the ethical line
> comes from something like 6 months from conception and the
> consent line comes at 16 to 18 years, both sharply drawn.
> Wait for designer creatures...)
Will there be court cases between TH's where intellectual capacities are measured and compared, to decide if consent was possible (too big a gap means you are in trouble)? I'd like to see someone draw that quiz up - oh wait, I think that Eliezer just did. A word of warning would come to mind - if you do Eliezer's test, and score high, don't publish the results unless you are considering a life of celibacy!