Re: glycemic index and obesity

Cynthia (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 20:45:16 -0700

Doug Skrecky wrote:

>  CONCLUSIONS: The rapid

> absorption of glucose after consumption of high-GI meals
> induces a sequence of hormonal and metabolic changes that promote excessive
> food intake in obese subjects. Additional studies are needed to examine the
> relationship between dietary GI and long-term body weight regulation.

This effect is well known and explainable.

     ...Dr. August goes on to say, "However, the more carbohydrates one eats,
     the more calories they also eat. Every time one eats
     any carbohydrates, they leave the digestive tract as blood sugar and the
     rise to blood sugar stimulates the release of insulin.
     Yes, insulin does allow the blood sugar to go into the cells but an
     excess of insulin from an excess of ingested carbohydrates
     eventually causes a drop in the blood sugar which is then experienced as
     'low blood sugar'. This in turn creates the need for
     more carbohydrates/ /sweets, also known as sugar cravings....