Re: WANTED: BVH Motion Capture Files

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:11:59 -0400

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> > You know, regardless of the *current* state of Internet search
> > technology used by the government, your employer, and your health
> > insurance company, everything you post on the Internet *is* forever. I
> > really don't expect it to be all *that* long before somebody can run
> > automated searches like "Has my inner geek ever done anything illegal?"
> There has to be someone who wants to look as well, and there is
> some societal pressure against this. I've had an essay about
> hiring a prostitute on my web site for years, and the URL of my
> web site is on my resume. No employer has ever brought it up.
> I've made statements that are probably seditious more than once.
> Even before the internet, if someone wanted to find something
> incriminating about you, they probably could. If people whose
> ethics differ from mine want to avoid me because of what I have
> said or done, that's fine with me. I've found that most people
> who are only interested in trade don't care to look, and those
> who do look are probably friends, likely to agree with me.

I lost a client once, because that client's parent corporation was the French National Railway, and I've made posts on this and the >H list discussing why mass transit works in some conditions and not in others....



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