Re: Ancestral Extropians?

Mon, 28 Jun 1999 18:15:35 +0200

  1. It appears as if Natasha Vita-More <> wrote:

|Mr. Harris, you might consider apologizing for this rude and thoughtless
|commentary. This type of generalization is shallow and archaic. Perhaps
|the "American" men you associate with are hear about are baboons, but men
|in general have higher standards of thought and perception than to be mired
|in the back hills of illiteracy and social stupidity.

2. It appears as if Lee Daniel Crocker <> wrote:
|Don't you dare apologize, Mr. Harris. While I and many other more
|rational men have a great respect for the minds and talents of women,
|the attitude you describe /does/ exist, and your simple, honest
|reporting of that fact is far more likely to lead to solutions than
|is Natasha's misplaced indignation.

3. It appears as if Natasha Vita-More <> retorted:
|Yes, do apologize Mr. Harris! And, as for Mr. Crocker, unfortunatley he
|reiterates your generalization. Indignation? This seems to be your own
|emotion Mr. Crocker -:)

Before the worthy list members start a jihad over this matter, allow me to point out that a number of males share the perception of women reported by Mr. Harris. I suggest that we do not kill messengers who bring bad news.