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Christopher Whipple (CWhipple@alliancecenters.com)
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You might want to invest in a book on Tantra. Although it's not really "practical relief... available today" - it IS one alternate method of controlling your sexual urges.

I'd be interested to hear the opinions of younger people on the list on this subject - I'm 19, first reading about Tantra when I was 16.

Christopher Whipple.

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I'm tired of being dominated by my hormones. I waste vast amounts of time and energy thinking about and having sex, and I'm constantly being distracted by sexual thoughts. Sometimes I think it would be better--now that I've sired all the children I plan to--to just get out of the sex game altogether. (I'm 39, married, three children.) Castration would be a little extreme (permanent) and I don't know exactly what the effects would be. I'm sure there are drugs that can help, but I don't know how effective they are, how safe they are for long-term use, or even what they're called or how to get them.

Is there any practical relief for this problem available today?