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Max More (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 15:06:05 -0700

Extropy Institute's fourth conference, Extro 4 -- Biotech Futures: Challenges of LIfe Extension and Genetic Engineering, will take place on the Kerr Campus of U.C. Berkeley, on August 7-8. I already have the highly dependable Leigh Christian as line-producer at the event. Leigh will be in charge of overseeing the smooth running of the event. However, we need some more folks to help out.

For now, I know that we need at least two people to staff the registration table. We may need more on Saturday morning and perhaps Sunday morning, when registration is especially busy.

If you live in the area, want to attend, but cannot afford the registration fee (or can afford it but find it worth it to trade off some attendence flexibility for savings), please let me know. (I may pass then negotiate with you or pass you on to Leigh.) Depending on how much time you would spend tending the registration table and perhaps helping with other tasks, we can arrange either a reduction in registration fees or a complete waiver.

Apart from registering conference attendees (giving out packages to those pre-paid, making ID for new registrants, running charging, keeping records, etc.), one or two people will be needed to be at the table for those arriving during the day, and to sell T-shirts, back issues, etc., and to hand out meal tickets to those not pre-arranged and pre-paid. Depending on how many people come forward to help, you should be able to still sit in on most of the sessions. (The registration table will be right outside the Theatre.)

Since I am expecting to fill all 200 spaces, we will need enough people to ensure that everything functions smoothly.

Until I find out why ExI's voicemail isn't working, please contact me by email at <> or <>



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