Anders''s idea of a transhumanist personality profile test is brilliant!

john grigg (
Sat, 26 Jun 1999 17:38:49 PDT

Hello everyone,

I want to endorse Anders' awesome idea of a transhumanist personality test to show where each of us really are in terms of the many variations and facets of the movement.

We have many very sharp and educated minds on the list so I am sure the test could be developed in a way to do us proud. Some people who spring to mind to get this test done (and done right) are Anders, Max, Natasha, Gina, Emlyn, Eleizer, Nick Bostrom and Robin Hanson among others. I realize that many of you must be very busy but this is a project worth taking time out for!

Think of the fun we will all have posting the results of our test on the Extropian list! I think it would give us all a greater understanding of who we were dealing with on the list and even at the Extro coming up.

So please don't let Anders' idea just go up in smoke like so many other great ideas that come and go on the list! I realize Anders could probably do a great job of doing it on his own but I think the test would be better with input from others.

And Anders, if others are not that interested PLEASE design the transhuman personality test on your own! Then you could submit your work to the list members to help offer constructive feedback. Your initial offering does not have to be too detailed.

I hope everyone will take my thoughts to heart. This is a great idea that should be done! And just think next we can have an Extropian purity test made up!! I would love to see everyone's results for that!!!


John Grigg

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