Re: B5 (eeny weenie spoilers)

Darin Sunley (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 04:27:32 -0500

"O'Regan, Emlyn" wrote:

> Kind of extropian show, puts that Star
> Trek crap in its place... but I am disapointed in the humans' lack of
> personal modification.

The Vorlons and other First Ones are probably the closest things to Powers we'll ever see on network TV (until it's run by them. Powers running network TV, brrr! :))

The "psychic stuff" is real neurohacking, as perpetuated on the younger races by the Vorlons for the express purpose of fighting the Shadows. It's no coincidence that every race has them (except the Narns, who got all theirs killed in the last war.)

As for personal modification, Psi-Corp seems to be doing useful research in that direction...
(cue maniacal laughter :))

Darin Sunley, wannabe P3