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Freeman Craig Presson (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 09:08:45 -0500

<FontFamily><param>Courier New</param>From: "Lee Daniel Crocker" <<<underline><color><param>0000,8000,0000</param></underline></color> :

><color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> I came out a Shepherd. Which IS consistent with the INTJ ("Mastermind"

</color><smaller>>> on What am I supposed to make of that? Anyone else

>> compared their medieval "type" to their Myers-Briggs type?

<bigger>>That would seem to be evidence that they are at least somewhat

>independent, as I am consistently INTJ, but came out "discoverer"

>here (as did most of us, I suspect).

While I was taking the quiz (ONCE only, Rob -- SHEESH), it seemed to me that my answers were So Quintessentially Extropian that most of us would likely land in the same category (Prime Minister). That is clearly not the case, and of course I am glad of that. We know what lack of variation does to a population ...

These tests are psycho-quackery, IMnsHO, without experimental/experiential validation. Or did I miss the bibliography on the Kingdomality site? Fortunately, I also seem to have missed the sales pitch, so I don't really know why they are doing it. If it's just a cyber-parlor game, that's fine, but the verbiage about fitting

(pseudo-)Medieval characters (actually, they sound more Renaissance to me) into the corporate world would seem to imply otherwise.

The other thing I didn't see is a list of their types and descriptions, so I don't know if I should take the test again and try to be someone else :-)

Time permitting, I'll go do the M-B again for comparison, but that's really their job.

-- (Freeman Craig Presson)