Re: Sexuality/was Re: Homosexual proto-extropians?

Thu, 24 Jun 1999 10:40:07 +0200

It appears as if Technotranscendence <> wrote:

|On the issue of homosexuality, should a person's orientation matter that
|much? I imagine that being in a minority -- even a sexual one -- does make
|for one to become more independent minded. (Has anyone actually done a
|study of this?)

Anders Sandberg <> might have answered:
|I wonder if this is true. Many minorities are the exact opposite. If a
|minority is a social group and can insulate itself from society, then
|it seems to tend towards clannishness. In the past this was not
|possible for homosexuals, which might explain the independence
|mindedness (which I by the way remain doubtful of, I would like to see
|some statistics here :-).

In my experience many minorities tend to both cling to the traditions of the group and to feel independent from the main stream subculture.

If the meme pool of the minority actually belongs to one of the hegemonizing swarms on this planet (religions, political beliefs) the minority will not become immersed into the local substrate culture enough to become relevant, naturally.

It appears as if the gay moment moves into hegemonizing swarm mode.