Re: Transrodent Conspiracy, Chapter 2: "He's a Local boy."

Anders Sandberg (
23 Jun 1999 11:38:22 +0200

Jeff Davis <> writes:

> "The vehicle here will be carbon-guided."
> Psychrist pointed to a menacing device that
> looked like an off-road lawnmower bristling
> with armaments. "In front, you got your
> high-speed, rotating tungsten saw.
> Flame-throwers out either side." He tugged
> on a long, springy metal antenna arching
> from the top of the vehicle. "There's also the
> Chip Whip -- constantly rotates, 360 degrees.
> Ultra high voltage contact on the end. Just
> right for frying semiconductors." Psychrist
> slapped the mechanical beast's flank. "But it's
> all consistent with its nature: carbon-guided,
> fossil-fuel-powered, all analog. No digital
> machinery of any kind."
> Faux Herzog gave Psychrist a quizzical look.

> "Carbon-guided?"
> "A rat."

Oh no! The transrodents are getting armored cyborg skeletons! Soon we will see the first signs of the Transrodent conspiracy, as huge Mecha with whiskers devastate Tokyo!

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