Re: Homosexual proto-extropians?

Harvey Newstrom (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 23:38:13 -0400

Statistically speaking (using Kinsey's famous statistics), 10% of the population is totally gay. About 30% is mostly gay or bisexual. About two-thirds have had at least on gay experience. Depending on how you define gay, it is not that rare.

Given these statistics, it would not be "interesting" if any of the various writers who have influenced our beliefs are thought to have been homosexual. It would be "interesting" if there weren't that many gay proto-extropians.

Speaking of statistics, gays are over-represented in the fields of philosophy, literature, art, genius, internet usage, computer-related fields, hackers, and in higher education. I would guess that this would increase the number of gay proto-extropians even more.

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