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I find that 90% of the news appearing in these mailing lists, on web pages, appearing in magazines, etc. is a year or two out of date. Seriously, almost all of the breakthroughs being announced are old. I typically ignore all these posts and following discussion because it is old news. Scientists often work years on some new process. By the time they have proven it enough to get to the mainstream press, they have been prototyping for months or years. I wish I could find some lists that were more connected to the leading edge of technology instead of the trailing edge. The Internet is supposed to speed up communications, but in the areas of technology, I find that it is sadly lagging behind.

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> > contains a story regarding attaching a robotic directly to a rat's
> > Scientists in Philadelphia have done just that.
> Wow - I heard about this at CNS99 *last summer*. BBC must be digging
> deep in the archives. Aha, they read it in Nature Neuroscience. But I
> mentioned it on this list last August - you heard it here first :-)
> Still, it is nice that the work becomes better known.