Re: Ancestral Extropians?

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 12:17:55 -0400 wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> > Can you all not think
> > of a female that has enlightened you? Think hard! Think across
> > disciplines and get aroused mentally. Again, there is more to our
> > ancestral memetic ancestral multi-leveled linage than exclusively focusing
> > on male-memes.

I was not aware that Ayn Rand was not considered to be a woman. Romana Machado enlightened me to the existence of extropians, as up to that point I had thought that I was a one of a kind weirdo.....Also, my 7th grade math teacher, Mrs. Preston, was a great motivator, and encouraged me in my early BASIC programming work, and she and I used to pick high tech stocks at lunch...this was 1981.


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