Re: Ancestral Extropians?

Anders Sandberg (
21 Jun 1999 16:07:09 +0200

Hmm, what female writers and thinkers have influenced me the most?

I would guess Marie Curie is on top of my list (or at least most easily remembered). I read her biography as a young boy, and it really helped me understand what scientific work is about (except wearing a white coat and mixing bubbling liquids). Her personal dedication was impressive.

Linda Nagata has already been mentioned, I really enjoyed the... "texture" of her novels; the way she described the more subtle effects of the advanced technology such as how nanotech would actually feel, or the smells from it.

I also look forward to read Virginia Postrel's _The Future and Its Enemies_, I hope to get the book this week.

Then there is also a certain Natasha Vita-More, but I guess she needs no further presentation here... :-)

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