Re: META: URL forwarder service

Jeff Fabijanic (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 10:58:41 -0400

Michael Wiik wrote:

>Here's something I hope might be useful when including long URLs in list
>postings. I use a mailer (Netscape's Communicator email client) which
>hyperlinks any URLs in messages. Problems arise on occassion with a real
>long URL, as it breaks onto a new line and the hyperlinked URL doesn't

Thanks for the link! - I've already found use for it on Grendel (the PII 500 here at the office).

Of course since 1994-5, this hasn't been a problem for users of the Mac OS. And as an added bonus, one can click on valid URLs of any type and in any app, that supports the built-in Apple Data Detectors technology, and automatically jump to that resource location. Just a note to the Mactropians out there.