excited about the future

Ambur Musick (ambur_musick@yahoo.com)
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 22:55:13 -0700 (PDT)

Participating in the ongoing creative development of life has been educational and enjoyable.

I enjoy seeing how diverse, intelligent and versatile life is, and I enjoy helping it become more so.

I enjoy watching how life builds on itself and develops into systems which are highly creative and intelligent.

I enjoy being a part of the complex, adaptable, creative, intelligent, self-transformational phemenomenon of life.

I enjoy developing my body and my mind to be capable of increasingly more complex behavior and possibilities for action and thought.

I enjoy studying my world and developing an increasingly accurate understanding of my world.

I enjoy playing with ideas and developing them over many years and sharing them with others.

I enjoy teaching others what I have learned.

I enjoy working with others and developing relationships with a high exchange of value.

I imagine and develop new technologies and new ways of doing things which have greater value and potential than those we are currently using.

I imagine new ways of living which people may enjoy experimenting with.

I imagine alternate societies and cultures which people may enjoy living in.

I realize that this universe is an ongoing stream of possiblities.

I am learning to more successfully navigate this stream and make choices which improve my overall situation.

I choose to live in a way I honestly believe will benefit me and my world.

I choose to explore and develop an increasingly accurate understanding of myself and my world.

I choose to experiment with different ways of living and develop ways of living which promote my goals more effectively.

I am learning to learn more from each moment.

Every moment teaches me many lessons, because I have learned to watch carefully, with great curiosity.

I take many opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge, educating myself in as many areas as I can.

I am learning that I can do more and have a more interesting life as I learn more knowledge and skills.

I imagine many possibilities for myself and my world.

I imagine a creative place, overflowing with creative ideas on all aspects of living.

I imagine people of all ages working together on all sorts of projects, everyone learning from each other.

I imagine people who have developed many skills and talants and who are capable of doing anything they imagine.

I imagine much for the future, and I am looking for others who imagine similar futures.

Together, we can do what needs to be done to create the sort of future we want to live in.

I am hoping that many will read this message and send it to others to read.

I am excited about the future, and I am looking for others to help create an exciting and enjoyable future for all of us.


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