Re: Greg Burch: Time to Act

Harvey Newstrom (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 21:22:57 -0400


Thanks for the clarification, and your even and calm response. I just wanted the record clear about my actions.

Now that you cleared that up, it is only fair that I respond in kind. I was busy pushing my own point, and did not respond to your points about ExI.

I totally support ExI's right to run the list as they see fit. While I was emphasizing my personal preference against topic bans, it probably appeared that I was disagreeing with the running of this list. Although I personally dislike topic bans, I am an extremely strong believer in owner's rights. ExI can and should do anything they want to help the list. I have no problem with what ExI is doing, and think it is a logical and reasonable response. It would not have been my response, but I have no problem with other people making different choices than me.


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