Re: Molecular nanotech "trains" and computers

Tanya Jones (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 14:57:20 -0700

Darin Sunley <> writes:

> However, if a technique is worked out for creating switches that can
> switch these trains from track to track, that would be significant to
> build a working computer from this technology, as I've heard some people
> were able to do with macro-scale model trains. (Any references on this
> anybody?)

Zyvex has done some work on switching mechanisms and hooks. There used to be a movie of their switch and hook on the website, but I wasn't able to find it when I looked.

Zyvex's main focus has been buckytubes, and they have developed the capability to deposit metals precisely. Unfortunately, Viola Vogel's efforts with microtubles are not completely compatible with those of Zyvex.

Buckytubes are experimented upon in an inert environment--vacuum or gas. While they can be used in liquid, this mostly not done (yet?). Microtubles are primarily used in aqueous environment require physiological system of support.

If anyone has more information about how these experiments may converge, I'd be interested.

--Tanya Jones