Re: Dynamist Rules (Thoughts on Improving Our Community)

Anders Sandberg (
18 Jun 1999 16:33:06 +0200

Terry Donaghe <> writes:

> Here are Virginia Postrel's suggestions for forming rules for Dynamic
> Societies. These are from her book, "The Future and It's Enemies."
> BTW, it's an excellent book, and one that I think all Extropians could
> profit from.

Interesting. Compare this to Kevin Kelly's "Nine Laws of God" for creating complex systems (in _Out of Control_,

      Distribute being 
      Control from the bottom up 
      Cultivate increasing returns 
      Grow by chunking 
      Maximize the fringes 
      Honor your errors 
      Pursue no optima; have multiple goals 
      Seek persistent disequilibrium 
      Change changes itself. 

Postrel's 1 seems to correspond to Control from the bottom up, 
Postrel's 2 seems to correspond to Grow by chunking. 
Postrel's 3 seems to correspond to Cultivate increasing returns
Postrel's 4 seems to correspond to Maximize the fringes Postrel's 5 seems to correspond to Distribute being and a bit of chunking

Just a rough comparision, I don't have the time to be more careful.

> She suggests that Dynamist Rules:
> 1. Allow individuals (including groups of individuals) to act on their
> own knowledge.
> 2. Apply to simple, generic units and allow them to combine in many
> different ways.
> 3. Permit credible, understandable, enduring, and enforceable
> commitments.
> 4. Protect criticism, competition, and feedback.
> 5. Establish a framework within which people can create nested,
> competing frameworks of more specific rules.

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