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All this is confusing me. Surely anything absorbed by the lungs must be water soluble? Molecules must enter the bloodstream via the watery jacket ( I forget the proper name ) covering the lung surface how can insoluble substances enter the blood this way?


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> KPJ <> wrote:
> |I would suggest smokers to use a water pipe as, according to a study, it
> |filters away various obnoxious substances from the smoke. (Any THC
> smokers
> |might wish to know that it also dilutes the cannabinol contents in the
> |smoke, if present.)
> It appears as if Jeffrey Fabijanic <> wrote:
> |
> |I beg to differ with both of your suppositions.
> |
> |Nicotine is highly soluable in water, and therefore water pipes are
> rather
> |useless to the habitual tobacco smoker. In cultures where such pipes are
> |commonly used for tobacco consumption, the liquid is usually wine, or a
> |mixture of wine and a little water.
> I thank the honourable list member for the correction of my assumption of
> the usefulness of water pipe technology for the tobacco users. Indeed,
> the
> water affinity of nicotine would make the use water pipe an exercise of
> futility.
> |On the other hand, the cannabinoids (of which cannibinol is but a single
> |example, btw) are not water soluable to any extent, and therefore water
> |pipes can be of great benefit to the smoker of cannabis (aka marijuana),
> as
> |much of the tar and other undesirable elements will be removed from the
> |smoke during its passage through the pipe, while the vast majority of the
> |psychoactive components will be unimpeded. [Actually, passage through the
> |water can cool them in their vapour phase and some will condence out as
> |oily droplets, either stucjk to the inside surface of the pipe, or
> |suspended in the water - immiscible but nonetheless trapped. This small
> |fraction of oil can be recovered by the clever (or desperate ;P ), but is
> |typically discarded].
> I detect no errors in your analysis.
> For the record:
> The statement "Any THC smokers might wish to know that it also dilutes
> the cannabinol contents in the smoke, if present." quoted/rephrased a
> report from MAPS
> <URL:>,
> "Marijuana Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study", by Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.

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