Re: An interesting poll

dwayne (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 16:37:42 +1000 wrote:
> >Does anyone know of any alternative mere healthy highs? I've heard of
> >reaching these points through meditation but I wonder how much is fact and
> >how much is hype.
> Try pranayama.
> For more, Douglas Rushkoff has two books, Free Rides and Stoned Free, which deal with getting high without drugs.
> For even more, certain hypnotic techniques can revivify any drug state you've previously experienced at will. And when you've mastered that, you can start combining drug states, then combining combinations.

Yah, most of the older hard-core occultists I know just don't take drugs any more, as they don't see the point: they can achieve far more intense states without chemical usage.



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