Re: The unsubscribing of Harvey Newstrom

Mark Phillips (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 18:23:55 CDT

Damn good point, Joe!! And Harvey (and everyone else) I already explained my goof to Greg (and presumably have been forgiven (excused, whatever), because I'm still here. Plus, for me, the g-word thing has mutated to a discussion of shields, defense, and associated (meta)memes, anyway. If and when the g-word thing resurfaces after the moratorium (and I'm pretty much neutral/indifferent as to whether it [ever] does or not), I may put in $0.02 every once in a while, but, like you (presumably!!), I got a bit tired of the whole shennanigans myself (no disrespect WHATSOEVER intended toward Mike, Joe, Brian, Mark(@unicorn), *et. al.*) I'm much more interested in the aggression/defense escalation dynamic thread (and thread-tangents) that are floating about (see my heretofore last posting). (Plus, of course, a lot of the other cool threads over the last several days)

Best regards to all!


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