Re: An Interesting Poll

Doug Bailey (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:57:54 -0400

Anders wrote:

>> Extropic smoker here, pack a day at least. For
>> explanation, I'll affiliate myself with the evocative
>> comments made earlier by Rob Harris about life-span length
>> vis-a-vis orgasm vs. nuts getting thrashed in an electric
>> flail. And I share Gina Miller's lazy attitude too -
>> nanobots can clean up my lungs down the road.
> Look out for too much optimism here - you better get mature
> nanotechnology (or good medicine) before you get lung cancer. It
> is a race against time.

I often have to defend my lifestyle habits in the context of my transhumanist ideas. I exercise, watch my diet, wear my seat belt, no sunbathing, etc. A few people have asked me why care about my cholesterol intake is or whether I get skin cancer when I believe that MNT, uploading, etc. may be developed in the near future.

My response is that while I believe such technologies are virtually certain to be developed at some point, I don't know when that will be. By maximizing my lifespan, I increase the probability that I will be able to benefit from these advance technologies.

Doug Bailey